The evolution of the World of Warcraft main title songs

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Mists of Pandaria Soundtrack (Cover Art)I’m not sure I’ve ever really blogged about my love of music (or the fact that for a very long time during my youth it was my plan to become a musician professionally), but I just had a bit of a music nerd/World of Warcraft nerd moment and I wanted to share it.

I just finished listening to the Main Title (theme) to Vanilla, Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, and Mists of Pandaria.

Some Observations:

  1. You can really hear the progression of musical maturity and instrumentation through the years. The Vanilla and BC themes weren’t as booming and instrumental as LK and Cata were.
  2. Cata & MoP had fantastic instrumentation, and I think they really acknowledged the previous expansions well through the themes. You can really tell in the Cataclysm theme when they call back to Illidan’s downfall, and Arthas’ downfall with little bits and pieces of the music from the death cutscenes of both villains.
  3. MoP has amazing instrumentation. Russell Brower put together an amazing orchestra, and had great “guest composers” (listen to “Serpent Riders” from the MoP soundtrack and specifically Jeremy Soule for his work on that track).

All of the soundtracks are great, but it’s pretty cool to listen to the main titles in chronological order to hear the progression and call backs.

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