iPhone 5 – Fanboy Pre-Event FAQ

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Tomorrow is the big Apple iPhone 5 event. Here’s a quick FAQ from your friendly neighborhood Apply Fanboy:

  1. Will the new iPhone 5 be on sale tomorrow? — Chances are, no. They’ll likely announce that pre-orders will open up midnight PST this Friday or soon after, and the phones will ship 2-4 weeks later. That follows the Apple pattern.
  2. Is a new iPad Nano or iPad Mini coming tomorrow? — It’s possible, but not likely. The invitations to the event specifically had the number “5″ on them, signifying that it’s an iPhone 5 event. Also, based on the typical Apple hardware release cycle, iPads don’t come out in the fall, they come out in the spring.
  3. What’s so special about the iPhone 5? — Nothing is officially confirmed yet, but if the credible leaks are to be believed, it looks like the phone will be the same width, but longer and slimmer. There will be a new dock connector at the bottom (smaller but still an Apple proprietary thing – don’t expect USB micro or mini…), and the headphone jack will be relocated from the top of the phone to the bottom of the phone. That’s all that seems credible right now.
  4. When is it being announced tomorrow? — In typical Apple fashion, the event begins at 1pm eastern. Expect the first 10 minutes to be news about Apple’s revenues, how many devices sold in the last quarter, etc. 10-20 minutes in, you’ll start to see the new stuff.
  5. Are there live blogs where I can follow the event? — Oh yes. Yes there are. Several:

    There’s more than that, but those are my faves.

  6. How much is the new iPhone 5 going to cost? — Likely the same price as the current line up – ranging from $199 subsidized through carriers up to $899 if you’re not up for an upgrade yet.
  7. Can I have your old iPhone 4S? — Make me an offer. Sexual favors only valid if you’re a female. ;)